Have You Considered an Administrative Career in Healthcare Management?

Have You Considered an Administrative Career in Healthcare Management?

Written By: Dr. Anika Simmons, EdD, MPH/HSA, ESE | Program Chair (HCM)

Some of the most common careers that come to mind when you think about the healthcare environment are doctors, nurses, certified nursing assistants (CNAs), technicians, and many other patient-centered positions. These individuals stand on the front lines and are also considered as primary caregivers in the process of diagnosing and treating patients. While these individuals play a major role in the healthcare field, we must also consider who supervises the medical professionals and maintains the daily operations of the healthcare facility.

If you are considering a career in Healthcare, and you cringe at the site of blood and needles, or touching patients, don’t fret! Care Hope College offers a Bachelor's degree program in Healthcare Management which can intertwine your passion for helping people with your preference for a more hands-off approach with patients. Through our program, you can become the supervisor in maintaining a clean, safe, equitable environment for faculty, staff and patients.

In the management position you are expected to:

  • Develop long-term goals for the medical facility
  • Improve the efficiency and quality of patient care.
  • Hiring decisions concerning upper-level management and executives.
  • Recruit management personnel.
  • Speak on behalf of a particular medical provider, organization, facility, or system.
  • Work with both internal personnel and external parties to improve operational activities.
  • Oversee the finances and direct financial operations.
  • Prepare, modify, and implement operational budgets.
  • Communicate directly with upper-level government officials, the media, and C-level executives.
  • Address regulatory or legal concerns by directing others and implementing recommendations at an organization-wide level.
  • Make decisions concerning the recruitment, hiring, and firing of staff and medical professionals.
  • Facilitate communication among various departments, divisions, and facilities.
  • Coordinate the work of various departments and individuals to best meet a long-term goal or mission of the healthcare provider.

Our course curriculum: The course work will prepare students to handle planning and logistics for the modern day health system. Also, it aims to develop strategic leadership skills to address issues related to policies, rising costs of benefits and diversity training. Competencies include but are not limited to:

  • Written and verbal communication
  • Critical thinking and analysis
  • Team and project management
  • Administrative and leadership
  • Active listening and decision-making

Potential Salary:

The salary for this position varies and is based on several variables. With base salary starting at $55,000 and upper level positions are $189,000. Salary is greatly determined by level of education, experience, location and what is required for the selected healthcare facility.


  • Clinical Administrator
  • Social Service Director
  • Assisted Living Director
  • Health information manager
  • Medical records manager
  • Nursing Administrative Supervisor
  • Hospital manager
  • Healthcare project manager
  • Nursing Home Administrator
  • Medical Director
  • Healthcare Consultant
  • Pharmaceutical sciences manager

Ready to Apply? Here at Care Hope College, we would love to be a part of your academic journey to greatness. If you are interested in this fast growing program, please give us a call at (561) 966-0551 or submit an inquiry form on our website. As the dedicated Healthcare Management Program Chair for Care Hope College, I would love to speak to you personally about this awesome opportunity, and how we can assist you to achieve your academic and career goals.